Saturday, July 17, 2010

Meet my new best friend, Pepto

The bathrooms at the field house.

As all travelers must, I did too. I fell sick on Tuesday and stayed back from the field. Luckily (unfortunately?) another one of my peers was also sick, so I had a buddy to stay back with. Somehow I had gotten through this much of my life without taking Pepto or Immodium or Tums, so this week has been experiments in the three. I am feeling much better today and hopefully it all will have passed. I only have one more week in Peru, so my next post will be my last from the country. I forgot my camera in Vitor this weekend, so I don´t have any more recent pictures, though I will probably post more with pictures once I´m back in the States and don´t have to pay for my internet.

We are coming up to the end of our trench as we are preparing to excavate the most exciting features, hopefully some in-situ burials. We have already opened one that has been heavily looted, but much of the human remains are intact.

Today I will try ceviche and do a bit of shopping (and send those postcards like I´ve been meaning to). I´ll be back again with more updates later. :D

PS- One word in Spanish that I´ve comfortably learned while here- galletas...cookies. :D


  1. And another note- the cookies here come in much more variety. I have recently fallen in love with a chocolate-coconut variety. There is another type of cookie called ¨Blackish¨(I kid you not) that is chocolate with toothpaste mint. I think it´s really gross, but all of the Europeans on the project really love them. I guess there´s no accounting for taste. :P

  2. ... chocolate with toothpaste??? Yeah. That doesn't sound to appetizing to me, either.

    I love your bathrooms. :o)