Sunday, June 20, 2010

I´m not Dead : Part I

Greetings from Arequipa!

After an exhausting 20 hours of travelling, I landed in the city with the Andes in view. I was surprised by how easily I was able to navigate between 3 flights and 3 new airports with my limited Spanish. I´ve already walked in the Municipal Park and gotten my first Peruvian fare. The exchange rate is great here- 3 soles for 1 American dollar. I was able to exchange my American cash at the airport as well as get a calling card (but I´m still figuring how to work it).

I´ve met up with the others from the Field School and we are slowly but surely getting past the awkward ¨getting to know you¨phase. The view is gorgeous and Arequipa seems to be a pretty clean city. I just can´t wait to watch some of the World Cup going round. :D

I´ll have access to internet every day, so I´ll try and post something interesting each time.

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  1. Hey girly, glad to hear that all is going well, and that you're not dead. ^.^ You'll have to take some awesome pictures of those mountains for us.
    Love, Heather and Mumsy....
    Ps try to find Atlantis while you're there. ^.^